Book review of “Ant City – New ideas”

Author – Douglas J. & Pakaket Alford

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Author decorated and uses diagrams very well for children.Even if this book which I read today is one of children story book but it is so inspiring for me. This story is on an unique ant which work very hard and tries many job but with unique idea. Because of that new unique idea everytime he lost his job. But one day he got a perfect job which fits according to his talent. This job is think center in which he have to use there ideas and no one there to inject him. After listening about this job he feels so happy. He started uses his unique ideas for helping ant city and everyone likes his unique ideas. Moral of this story is not every time you have do thing which everyone do use some time new idea in good way for helping each other and never loose hope also try to develop other ideas because it is like a talent which should not be buri . This such a wonderful story and author uses easy language in this book.

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By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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