Now days people are changing with times and their way of speaking are totally changed .But every soul of the people are connected with their behaviour and its shows the surroundings and personality of the people. The world is covering with the crimes are needy of it.

Behaviour skills is part of respect which helps us to learn living standard of life. Woman have a poor condition in society. All woman with thoughts and questions but they are shit to say. We pray to godess but in real life woman have no respect for woman then we have no meant to pray to the god or godess. First we have to do our heart and mind pure for every one. You are not a failure until you start blamming others for your mistakes.we all are responsible for our life. We can’t keep blaming somebody else for your dysfunction. Life realy about moving on.

Their are one thought for this

“Give respect take respect”


    Dream come true

    Yesterday I am worring about my mobile which is not working perfectly. So I switched off my mobile and then I slept in night . In night time I see a dream of my mobile that it was repaired and no trouble having my mobile. It is working perfectly. Now the next day come its today ,I wake up at early morning and doing my daily routine work but still worring about my phone because I have an urgent work from mobile. So I break pacience and switch on my mobile it truly works well and same thing is happening which I saw in dream.


    This is my first post 

    Hello, this is my first post and I joined it to improve my writing skills and become a good writer. I hope you all help me too.