I don’t know

The things around me is normal but sometime it is bad . What I can do or not I confuse in myself . Thinking always about my life . I am the kind of person who always want peace and alone apart . The people surrounds me is different kind their thinking and my thinking is not matching with each other . Don’t minding these things I live with them . I am not feeling good because I not want to become like those selfish ,odd and little good or bad person . I am happy with my self . I am feeling odd because I always speaking to my self and don’t want to value other people because something is happen to my life so bad accident which I never forget . After that accident I also become little bit selfish for those people who do not want to

avoid their selfishness . I am becoming selfish because people around me is also selfish . Now I take strict dicision thay world reflect me bad type of behavior I also reflect them badly .


Writing is my passion

Writing is my passion,

It my inspiration.

World is a huge I go through it,

Writing is my passion,

I speak through it.
Want to go around to the circle,

Want to see high and high,

let touch the sky.

What a wonderful nature is,

who push me to write high and high.
What a wonderful story and poem all around me,

who inspire and refresh me.

Oh! God give me power to write more,

I want to write more and more.


प्रकृति से बड़ा न कोई 

प्रकृति से बड़ा न कोई !

इसी के बदोलत खड़े हम शीश पर

इसी ने दिया हमे जीवन दान |
प्रकृति देती हमे हर समस्या का समाधान

देकर हमे फल, जल और जरीबूटीयाँ

करती हमारा रोग निदान,
प्रकृति सीखाती आगे बढ़ना

सफलता की राह में चलते जाना

जिस प्रकार एक पौधा है उगता उसी

प्रकार पाना सफलता |
जिस प्रकार जल जैसी कोमल चीज़

तोड़ देती पत्थर की जंजीर

उसी प्रकार पाना सफलता |
प्रकृति के बीन हम रह नहीं सकते

जैसे पानी बीन मछली 

परंतु आधुनीक मनुष्य कर रहा 

प्रकृति को दूषीत

जिससे उसने अपने लिए  खोदा गढ़ा

कर दूषीत जल, स्थल और वायुमंडल सारा |


The way of common sense

Common sense plays a vital role to make life smooth and safe living. Common sense cannot be defined as such. It is seen that common sense is not common among commoners. Common sense cuts through all boundaries of geography, religion, language, education and even I.Q. levels. It has no special affinity for commoners. It is not necessary that a genius has common sense because his mind is preoccupied with complicated questions.

Common sense is sometimes related to creativity. Creative persons can solve problems using methods very different from set procedures, and once widely known, these solutions can become a matter of new common sense. It is useful everywhere especially in social infractions. 

An Eskimo can make use of his common sense during snow storms at the North pole. But he cannot have necessary common sense to find his way through the Howrah Station in Calcutta. Every community quite often makes fun of a stranger precisely because of this reason. The stranger appears to lack in common sense because he can not conduct himself as conveniently and comfortably as others do. So to be geared for success, it may be advisable to develop exercises to improve common sense also by compelling individuals to fact puzzling situations and find solutions.


Quack Quack

Have you ever seen the arrival of a flock of thousands of gees at lake? It’s amazing. Along with ducks, geese also come under the category of waterfowl. These wonderful can swim, fly, and even dive. Most of them, being migratory, get to spend the hot summer monthes in cooler climates aboard, and winters in warmer places like central India. They usually feed on seeds and aquatic plants though some add variety to their menu with tadpoles, frogs and fish. They usually eat during the night and spend the day lazing around floating aimlessly in the water. But they are very alert and it is quite difficult to get close to them unobserved. Their typical broad bills have filtration plates and a fleshy, muscular tongue that helps to suck in and throw out water. But they are most famous for their webbed feet that helps them paddle eficietly in water though they look funny when they waddle on land ! What is more, these amazing creatures are waterproof. In fact, they brush their feathers with oil from a gland in their tails. This also provides them protection from cold waters.


Tulsi for every home

Now days when many disease are increasing it is very important to bury aauyurvedic plant in home like tulsi. Tulsi are the most popular plant in the world which is mostly revered in Hindu religion and it is the symbols of fidility and good fortune. It have positive energy, neutralises nagative ones. Tulsi has property to purify air within wide radius of its vicinity and is venerated for its environmental, medicinak aesthetic virtues. 

Tulsi being germicidal and anti – bacterial encourages natural self healing mechanism. Every part of this plant is beneficial . Like stem worn around neck as rosary beads generates electric energy and fortifies the immune system. Seeds are help in digestion. They are quite effective in dysentery and can rid toxins from the body. Decoction of roots taken with pepper promotes perspiration and is the also use in malarial fever. And many other problems related to the body are cure with tulsi. Chewing tulsi’s 10 leaves daily in the morning can fresh our body and mind or cure all the problems related to the body. It also purifies blood, clear digestive tract, increases memory and promotes clearity of the mind. So isn’t it is benificeal for every home. Think that how many problems we solve in this busy life. 



People think that alone person is week but this thinking is wrong opposite thinking that alone person is powerful. They have power to show on anybody but they can’t ,they not want to do so their is a some feeling that type of person. Some thinks that it is shy. But that is not a shy of a person it means he or she is feels lonely. Lonely people is this how their time is spends or how time are spends of mine. Some peoples loneliness comes in old age because their children grown and go far away from their parents. In lonely situation people who will depressed and want to self distruction.


Books are best friend 

Books are best friend of those who want to get inspiration and want success in life. Book reading is full of excitement which develop a passion of learning. It gives us a lot of knowledge. Some people thinks that books is only made of words but they’re also filled with places to visit and people to meet. Books are not only our best friends but also a great teacher too. We read books to know that we are not alone.

The more that you read,

the more things you will know. The more that you learn,

the more places you will go.

I also have friend and best friend too but books never feel me alone and teaches me a lot .


Dream come true

Yesterday I am worring about my mobile which is not working perfectly. So I switched off my mobile and then I slept in night . In night time I see a dream of my mobile that it was repaired and no trouble having my mobile. It is working perfectly. Now the next day come its today ,I wake up at early morning and doing my daily routine work but still worring about my phone because I have an urgent work from mobile. So I break pacience and switch on my mobile it truly works well and same thing is happening which I saw in dream.