Motivational poetry


चिंता खुशी को

खुशी चिंता को

परेशान करती है ।

फिर भी ,रहती संग संग

दोस्ती इनकी निराली है ।

जमाना करता दूर इन्हें

फिर भी ,साथ रहने की इन्होंने ठानी है ।

– मनीषा कुमारी

Motivational poetry

मेहनत किमती है

सफलता किमती है,

यह न मिलती आसानी से,

न मिलती बाज़ारों में,

न व्यर्थ बेठने से |
यह न आती बुलाने पर ,

लोग फिरते मारे ढूँढ़ते इस किमती चीज़ को,

परंतु यह बसा अपने अंदर

जो मिलता पसिना बहाने से |

– मनीषा कुमारी


Who is the judge ?

Every person thinking is so different some have a good thinking and some have bad thinking. But some people make judge it self and trying to down any other person. I think that type of person is want to there smartness but they are not at all. I want to say some two line for these type of thinking of people that

” When you speak with other always remind again that what are you speaking.”

Every one have a brain but they use brain in other way. Some people thought positively or some nagatively. Some people are week but this statement is not right because no body can poor all have same type of brain.

People personality is decided by their surrounding. But some people have bad surroundings or we say poor surroundings but he or she thought is good, they are not able to do that much things than other people can do. Ability is also decide the persone personality. So it is not a way to laugh any that time our respnsiblity is to appreciate them to teach them. I hope that this post is inspiring for some people.



Now days people are changing with times and their way of speaking are totally changed .But every soul of the people are connected with their behaviour and its shows the surroundings and personality of the people. The world is covering with the crimes are needy of it.

Behaviour skills is part of respect which helps us to learn living standard of life. Woman have a poor condition in society. All woman with thoughts and questions but they are shit to say. We pray to godess but in real life woman have no respect for woman then we have no meant to pray to the god or godess. First we have to do our heart and mind pure for every one. You are not a failure until you start blamming others for your mistakes.we all are responsible for our life. We can’t keep blaming somebody else for your dysfunction. Life realy about moving on.

Their are one thought for this

“Give respect take respect”