Author: Manisha

  • Mr. Perfect

    Very less people in our society who is like Mr. Perfect. The man who always want perfection in every thing even if he want to clean his nose he see the perfection on it. In other words I say that he is very serious person in his area that’s why their surrounding people also said […]


  • ताकत सब में है…

    इस बात पर कोई दो मत नही की अगर हम सब कुछ सोंचने की ताकत रखते हैं तो सब कुछ करने की ताकत भी रखते हैं। ताकत सबमें होती है बस उसे पहचानने की जरूरत होती है। भले ही कोई छोटा हो या बड़ा हर कुछ करने की ताकत रखता है। हर इंसान में कुछ […]

  • What I learnt in my marriage life…

    When a girl married they have many changes and trouble in their life like how to manage marriage life. Not everyone handle the situation. During these days I learnt many things and want to share….. Change yourselfNot try to change others first change your self. It makes others to by themselves.Stop doubting othersThis habit makes […]

  • अपना क्या नुकसान है…

    स्वभाव और व्यवहार का आपस में पुराना संबंध है। अगर हमारा स्वभाव अच्छा होगा तो व्यवहार भी अपने आप अच्छा होगा। स्वभाव को अच्छा रखने के लिए हमारी धनात्मक सोंच होना अव्यशयक है। धनात्मक सोंच रखने से इंसान अपनी जिंदगी में जो भी कार्य करता है उसे वे सफलता पूर्वक और बिल्कुल सही ढंग से […]

  • बदनाम हो गया….

    वक्त नहीं है, वक्त नहीं है,ये कह कह कर वक्त बदनाम हो गया।कहते हैं, वक्त से अच्छा कोई शिक्षक नहींऔर लोग कह रहे,वक्त तूने मुझे बर्बाद कर दिया।सच में इंसान ने किसी को नहीं छोड़ा,अब वक्त भी है इनके निशाने पे,ये वक्त भी बदनाम हो गया।लाख किस्म की जीवन शैली,सब के पास है उतना ही […]

  • Book review of “Trust”

    Compiler – Deo prakash Publisher – Humrooh publication house Trust is an anthology which is based on trust of many co- authors. They all wrote there trust story, poems and incidents related to trust in that book. You can find beginners and some very talented writers in this book. In some pages you are going […]

  • Fact about investing

    ● Investing money is just like putting money into your bank account. In both places your money can decrease or increase. But investing and putting in bank also have many difference between them. ● Both interest rate are different. ● Both uses are different. ● Growing money is similar but not every time. Sometimes it […]

  • Book review of ‘Rework’

    Author – Jason fried and Devid heinemeier Hansson The book “Rework” is one of the business books. This book good for beginners who want know about basics of business. This book works on strategy of “you need less than you think.” It means What you really need to do is stop talking and start working. […]

  • तेरा एहसास ही काफी है….

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  • Book review of “Ultimate Confidence

    Author – Marisa peer Ultimate confidence : The secrets to feeling great about yourself every day is the great book which makes you lion from cat. I can tell you what Marisa peer said in this book about confidence step by step. You can imagine about this book by its title but it’s content is […]