Fact about investing

● Investing money is just like putting money into your bank account. In both places your money can decrease or increase. But investing and putting in bank also have many difference between them.

● Both interest rate are different.

● Both uses are different.

● Growing money is similar but not every time. Sometimes it may decrease so that time panic is not a solution because in future it can be increase.

● There is a profit margins better than any banks.

● Both uses are flexible means when ever you want to withdraw money you can withdraw it.

● Invest slowly not be greedy about investment because it have two qualities profit and loss. And investment is not make you millionaire or billionaire in one night. It will take time to grow your money.

● Investing is just like helping anyone for run there business. We know, that from less money no company will grow but after investing we are a part of it and indirectly we are helping it.


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