Master your time

In this quote money means expensive so use it cleverly.

Time management is similar to money management & we can clarify this statement also. See when we manage time and be regular in time management then you can give fix time to your work and when you become regular in your work then you can make money for regular, and it will handle or manage your home finance. Time management manage your life also. It will make you fit and strong physically and mentally both. In the book “Master your time master your life” Brain Tracy, who is the author of this book also said about time management.

◆ Time management is not as hard as you think

Time management is not a hard thing if you want success in your life. Brain Tracy also said about time management that in every type of time management you should have to focus on it. He also said not to be so serious that your timetable become boring, so give time to every type of work like stay connect to your hobbies, creative things also give time to your special friend and your family.

◆ Relaxation is also important

Sometime relaxation gives us more energy to work, so we can say that rest is a medicine, life & money. Also rest gives us peace in our life. It helps to stay fit, active and gives new ideas to work.

Don’t ignore your work

In time management don’t ignore your work. People think that time management is so boring that’s why they start ignoring just after the following two days.

If time is the reason which force you to ignore then don’t follow time. Just focus on what work you want to do in one day.

Like take your first work as morning walk, second work as today you are going to complete more file, for children we can say that take target to complete 2 chapters in 2 hours and third work is to do your hobby work like playing, reading, walking, writing etc. And just start working on it.

This type of time management follows by large percentage of people, and they like it very much because in this timetable you are your own boss, not time. That’s why it feels much relaxing.

To know more about time management motivation then you can buy Brain Tracy book “Master your time master your life” by clicking this link below

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