microtale Motivational story

Growing fresh air

What, what is happening why I am choking. Dr please tell. Your lungs capacity had dropped to 70 percent. In other words, the 4 to 6 l of air my lungs could take in had now settle down to just a little more than 3 to 4 liters, Dr said. Means my lungs capacity is decreasing and I know that every one facing this problem. This is all because of benzene which is toxic and highly flammable and it is spreading in Delhi day by day. Dr gives e two option first is leave this city and move to cleaner and greener place. Other one is, stay back in Delhi and fight. Very beautifully author tell the story of Delhi pollution and more over he also tell us about how we can make our surrounding air fresh. That’s why author give this book title “How to grow fresh air”.

Author – Kamal Meattle & Barun Aggarwal

Publisher – JUGGERNAUT BOOKS KS house

Price – 129₹

To know the story please read the book by clicking this link :-

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