Book review of “The Power Of The Positive “

Author – Colleen Archer

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Author uses very simple language which can be easily understand by everyone. In first in this book author gives introduction which define this book. Affirmation is main topic in this book or we this whole book is based on affirmation. In the whole book each and every topic are explained very deeply also uses stories to weigh up. Affirmation is a word which help us to stay positive.

According to this book we have to do daily affirmation practice to stay positive and get success in life. To stay positive first of all we have to accept yourself and accept everything in your life. Set a positive sentences and repeat that daily. Author of this book very well said that

“Your life story will be bright for that all you have to do is change the way you tell it.

Colleen Archer

If you have faith in God or some other spiritual belief and keep repeating it in your mind then affirmation will definitely work. Affirmation is similar to meditation practice. Meditation involves using sounds or mantras to stimulate a heightens spiritual state. One of mantra uses on this book from transcendental meditation is “Om mani padne hum”. This mantra means “Generosity”, “Ethics”, “Patience”, “Diligence”, “Renunciation “, and “wisdom”. This mantra is reminded all the time during meditation. It is the same process like we before said that set a positive sentences and repeat that daily.

Affirmation is like medicine for your brain which filled with positive energy after affirmation. Also it is like reminder which can help you to stay focused on your goals. This book have some special content also after every chapter that is some tasks to practice and learn about affirmation also we know that how we get stick on doing affirmation. There is no doubt that this book have positive magic and energy.

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By Manisha

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