All knows that plastic is one of a problem of our country. Also this is a problem of whole world. Because of plastic is not disposable thing that’s why land pollution type of problems are spreading. When plastic is mix with landfills, it interacts with water and form hazardous chemicals. When these chemicals seep underground, they degrade the water quality. Which is reason bhind the less amount of drinking water and barren land.

Also wind carries and deposits plastic from one place to another, increasing the land pollution. Even though plastic is responsible for land pollution but also plastic is useful that’s their is no way to stop using plastic. But it is also made from toxic compounds known to cause illness. Burning of plastic in the open air, leads to environmental pollution due to the release of poisonous chemicals.

All because of above reason we have to do something. That’s why government also takes actions like cleaning rivers, beach place and recycle the plastic waste. One thing that all know that don’t throw plastic or other waste here and there but very few people follow this. These thing about plastic was known by all people but most of the people don’t want to do these thing because of seeing each other like even that people throw garbage every where so why we will do this.

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By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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