The way of Sound pollution

We don’t say bad thing to sound because when it is converted into pleasant music then it calm our mind and freshen us. But when unpleasant sound comes regularly or continuously from speaker or anything else then it is harmful for the people health. Sound pollution causes many diseases like hypertension, hearing loss, cardiovascular disease, psychological dysfunction etc. It disturbs our sleep routine. The people who do not sleep at night very well then it becomes very serious condition which is effect in our every day performance and then it convert into lead to serious diseases.

Sound pollution also affect on child development which can disturbs the school performance negatively. The factor which cause sound pollution are the sounds comes from factory, sound of crackers fireworks in events, loudspeakers etc.

About these things knows every body but only some of the people thinks about not to do sound pollution. Because they thought that if every body making sound pollution then why don’t we do this. To stop or decrease this sound pollution one main thing going to be work and this is the understanding of the people.

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By Manisha

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