Book review of ” Cherish Loneliness “

Author – Sagar

Price – 49₹

Publisher – New life books

This book introduce loneliness very well. In this book we know about what is loneliness? , Why it is occurs? and how we over come from this loneliness? This book tell us that loneliness is a word which is created by ourselves means if we continuously thinking about our near and dear one which is not with you or forget about you after this you find yourself lonely so don’t think that much. If you are alone don’t feel lonely just thought positive that now you have a freedom to do what you want to do.

Never see yourself through the lens of others because it is your thought about yourself which matters most.

– Sagar

It means that never see yourself with other eyes or in other word we say never judge yourself with other personality. Don’t find happiness in any body else or any where because happiness is a thing which you find in yourself. You create happiness by yourself. Keep yourself busy as much as you can.

A recent research had shown social networking websites are reasons behind comparative, discrimination and makes one feel low. Don’t hook up yourself in the virtual world. Try to live in real world because only real world will give you a good satisfaction and help you to get out of this temporary virtual world. Author give some tips that divide your time, live your life fully before you die, learn to enjoy every moment of your life because all the people in the world get life only one time and never think about that outcome of result just keep going.

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