Review of ” The 7 keys to success”

Author – Will Edwards

Publisher – White Dove Books


To live a truly successful life, you do need to first have a dream and commit yourself to achievement then whole world start helping you to achieve your goal. Author explained this book very beautifully by decorating with stories which is based on real people like Footballer Rudy ruettiger, Joe etc. Author want say that after uplifting experience when you find out your dream by yourself then the universe does help you indeed to achieve your goal.

So, find yourself first because god send everybody in earth for any purpose. That’s why by the time author also realise that his inner hopes, dreams and deepest desires as being implanted by god then after that he started writing these type of books. So be positive and open minded to achieve your goal and you will also become one day successful person or businessman.

“To get greater benefits in future, you need to change what you are doing in the present in order to produce them”.

– Will Edwards

Faith is also a key of success. You have to use this key by having faith in something like you or in god. When you believe in yourself and in god then you have support of yourself and god. After that whenever you lose your hope somebody is with you for help. This truly a good book that’s why read it and also start follow this book. This book have specialty of stories of successful person which is much powerful then any other successful talk.

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By Manisha

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