Happiness is so expensive gift from god

Each and every person is busy even if they have job or not. All are running on the road of success to resist everyone. In this life happiness is lost somewhere that’s why very few people are happy. But mahatma gandhiji once said about that

Happiness is when what you think, what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It means that happiness is not that thing which we have to find everywhere because it is live inside us. We all creat happiness inside by oneself. So, there is no means to get upset.

Smile is that thing which gives us satisfaction and relief. One thought I always remember, which I saw beside road and sometime repeat in my mind that “Little mind have only wishes but great mind have purpose to do anything in any situation.” This thought changed me and improved me. One thing which I say in busy life and in stressed mind whenever you want refreshment in your life then remember that do those thing which your heart telling you to do. Seeing T.V. and living online on social media for long hours it is not a way of happiness because that thing never gives us satisfaction so set time for that. You can do drawing, dancing, painting, play outdoor games and indoor games also for fun or do other thing in which you are interested.

One more thing I want to say that make to do list in every morning like set your time for doing work, for refreshing yourself etc. In our life every thing is important so learn something new in every moment of your life and enjoy in every moment of your life. Because happiness is very expensive gift from god which is given to every person in the world.

By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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