Formula for becoming wealthy or successful person

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Most of the people in the world want wealthy in their life and want to become rich overnight. The people who want to become rich they do hard work or taking short cuts in life to become become rich. But becoming rich is not so easy. I read one book about this whose author author is will Edwards and his book name is ” Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret”. In his book he mostly talk about Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and grow rich”. Many people knows very well about this book also some of them read this book too.

In the book of “Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret” Will Edward written about Napoleon Hill’s thought and ideas. In Will Edwards book Napoleon hill said some major points to become rich. That points are, those people who want to become rich have their specific aim or chief aim, you have a confidence on yourself, you have to believe on yourself, accept all the situation, plan your success path, you gave to leave your negative attitude, habit of saving, become an effective leader, power of imagination, self control, you need to be specific about the amount, investment is also important for that and think big. But most of the people become greedy about wealth. If you want to success in life or you want to wealthy the process is same. If you want to become greedy then grow your greed in your work not for money. We all know that money is important for surviving now days but focus on your work, do some hard work and continuously repeat it and one day you will definitely become wealthy.

Think big do big and stay in a motion on your dream and do atleast one step of your dream or work daily. First thing is to believe in yourself and also believe in god that you can succeed.

By Manisha

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