Stray animals are also have their life

In every place and in every street we see animals and we also see that they are in a poor condition. Their is a reason behind this poor condition and these are lack of food, lack of home and also because of some people throw stones or beat the stray animals without any reason. Some of them throw stones on animals because of fear also but truth is that some animals are scared of human beings too.

People have to understand that animals are also living thing and they have their own life as well. So, don’t hurt stray animals because they have a family too. Government started organization whose name is “people for animal” which is started for animals. This organization was started by maneks gandhi on 1992. This organization help those poor animals.

I just want to say that don’t teas stray animals, don’t scare after seeing wild stray animals; in this situation just walk away from that place instead of throwing stones on them and one last thing I want to say that if you want to have a pet then take it from a street and if you are not able to feed or care that animal then don’t pet any animals. If you give you care and respect to animals then they also give care and respect to you.



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