Modern life style is disease prone

If anybody asks that does modern lifestyle make us disease prone? Then I will say yes, because today’s modern lifestyle and people are changing like time. But there is a reason behind this like pressure of work and cut throat competition, people are forgetting their relations. In fact they don’t know how to respect other people. This chaotic traffic make people immoral and greedy as well. Due to greed of money and land man has become enemy of his own relatives. 


In the shortage of time and need of mood refreshment, everyone most of the people eat fast food and soft drinks in their eating time. Also some people get addicted with tea and other things. Many diseases are spreading because people live a sedentary life like that. 
Without further ado we can say that modern lifestyle is busy lifestyle. Because of busy lifestyle most of the people get stressed and get into depression. The people which do not reach their goal hang themselves or does some other activities to destroy themselves. 
Truth is that people can manage everything but in the competition of work, they started racing with each other and forgot about everything, that life is not only in work. To over come from stressed life we have to do things like give time to your parents and another relations because you are working for them too, not just for yourself. Do yoga and meditation to live stress free life and to stay fit.
Do what ever your hobby is just focus on your hobby and make your hobby your passion and one day you will succeed. When you do your hobby then stress and depression never come close to you. 

By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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