Balanced the fast food

We all know that fast food is very delicious and it take less time to cook and eat. But we also know that is very harmful for our health. In between 5% of people in india obese. Taking fast food in high amount is hazardous. Under fast foods we have pizzas, burgers, noodles, french fries, potato chips, samosa, pakode, aloo tikki etc. Some soft drinks are also come in fast foods. These are very tasty to eat but this type of food makes us feel unhealthy.

Fast food is hazardous food because these type of food are not cooked properly, contain so much oil and fat, also these types of food have less nutrition. That’s why they are unhealthy. Fast food cause us many diseases and problems like malnutrition, obesity, hypertension, high amount of bad cholesterol, risk of heart attack and diabetes.

It is not an occasional intake but the binge of fast food is harmful for our health. Most of the people eat fast food for mood refreshments. So it is not a bad thing but whenever you want to eat some fast food then make it at home because at your home you can make it properly and also you take care of your cleanliness. Making fast food at home is healthy and full of fun too. But don’t eat too much. If you don’t know how to cook then in our surrounding shops there are lots of recipe books or you may ask someone for fast food recipe. But make sur that it is healthy.

Healthy and nutritious food is always good for daily meal. Nutritious food gives us lots of energy to work and yoga inspires us to stay fit. Nutritious food are healthy because they contain less oil and fat are full of nutrition and also they are cooked properly. So, we should eat nutritiousfood daily and eat fast food sometime like in one day in a week or in a month.

By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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