Glimpse of ages

The Arez city the city of joy where people live peacefully without quarreling with each other. This story is of past many ears ago in arez city a giant djinn attacked in the city and started challenging the kings of all the various kingdoms. He challenging all the kings with his magic .
To show his power he started fighting with them, but no one was able to defeat the djinn because the kings power was not much powerful to beat the djinn. In every moment djinn recalling there name like wrestler with a loud voice ” I am loopa, loopa is strong “. After finishing every fight he shouting same like a wrestler.
All people of Arez city was scared after seeing huge djinn who was looking like a evil. There surrounding is coverd by black clouds, silence no where. All the people of arez city looking the djinn scare fully because his height is nearby 60 feet with two horns on head and six hands also a big tail which was looking like an arrow. After defeating all the kings he started move there two hands right and left to destroy the city with his magic .
At same time a man came with a mysterious bottle which cap was looking like a loopa’s face and the man was weared wearing Arabian styled clothes. His face was looking very serious, suddenly he move the bottle upwardly and pointed the bottle in front of loopa. In a flash, djinn paralyzed and then ,the Arabian man said some magical words to capture the djinn and at the same time djinn starting vacuumed in the bottle disdainfully.

By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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