I don’t know

The things around me is normal but sometime it is bad . What I can do or not I confuse in myself . Thinking always about my life . I am the kind of person who always want peace and alone apart . The people surrounds me is different kind their thinking and my thinking is not matching with each other . Don’t minding these things I live with them . I am not feeling good because I not want to become like those selfish ,odd and little good or bad person . I am happy with my self . I am feeling odd because I always speaking to my self and don’t want to value other people because something is happen to my life so bad accident which I never forget . After that accident I also become little bit selfish for those people who do not want to

avoid their selfishness . I am becoming selfish because people around me is also selfish . Now I take strict dicision thay world reflect me bad type of behavior I also reflect them badly .

By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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