The way of common sense

Common sense plays a vital role to make life smooth and safe living. Common sense cannot be defined as such. It is seen that common sense is not common among commoners. Common sense cuts through all boundaries of geography, religion, language, education and even I.Q. levels. It has no special affinity for commoners. It is not necessary that a genius has common sense because his mind is preoccupied with complicated questions.

Common sense is sometimes related to creativity. Creative persons can solve problems using methods very different from set procedures, and once widely known, these solutions can become a matter of new common sense. It is useful everywhere especially in social infractions. 

An Eskimo can make use of his common sense during snow storms at the North pole. But he cannot have necessary common sense to find his way through the Howrah Station in Calcutta. Every community quite often makes fun of a stranger precisely because of this reason. The stranger appears to lack in common sense because he can not conduct himself as conveniently and comfortably as others do. So to be geared for success, it may be advisable to develop exercises to improve common sense also by compelling individuals to fact puzzling situations and find solutions.

By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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