Quack Quack

Have you ever seen the arrival of a flock of thousands of gees at lake? It’s amazing. Along with ducks, geese also come under the category of waterfowl. These wonderful can swim, fly, and even dive. Most of them, being migratory, get to spend the hot summer monthes in cooler climates aboard, and winters in warmer places like central India. They usually feed on seeds and aquatic plants though some add variety to their menu with tadpoles, frogs and fish. They usually eat during the night and spend the day lazing around floating aimlessly in the water. But they are very alert and it is quite difficult to get close to them unobserved. Their typical broad bills have filtration plates and a fleshy, muscular tongue that helps to suck in and throw out water. But they are most famous for their webbed feet that helps them paddle eficietly in water though they look funny when they waddle on land ! What is more, these amazing creatures are waterproof. In fact, they brush their feathers with oil from a gland in their tails. This also provides them protection from cold waters.

By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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