Tulsi for every home

Now days when many disease are increasing it is very important to bury aauyurvedic plant in home like tulsi. Tulsi are the most popular plant in the world which is mostly revered in Hindu religion and it is the symbols of fidility and good fortune. It have positive energy, neutralises nagative ones. Tulsi has property to purify air within wide radius of its vicinity and is venerated for its environmental, medicinak aesthetic virtues. 

Tulsi being germicidal and anti – bacterial encourages natural self healing mechanism. Every part of this plant is beneficial . Like stem worn around neck as rosary beads generates electric energy and fortifies the immune system. Seeds are help in digestion. They are quite effective in dysentery and can rid toxins from the body. Decoction of roots taken with pepper promotes perspiration and is the also use in malarial fever. And many other problems related to the body are cure with tulsi. Chewing tulsi’s 10 leaves daily in the morning can fresh our body and mind or cure all the problems related to the body. It also purifies blood, clear digestive tract, increases memory and promotes clearity of the mind. So isn’t it is benificeal for every home. Think that how many problems we solve in this busy life. 

By Manisha

writing gives power to me

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